The role of men’s hair in paganism

Paganism in our current day remains a low key cult in which those of us who practice it relate to one another online and in limited social groups. In the United Kingdom, paganism enjoys a higher-than-normal enthusiasm by a community of men and women dedicated to the study of the occult and the pre-Abrahamic religions and traditions. In this site, I am trying to salvage what once was a thriving community and website, with me absorbing the costs and maintenance of keeping such a website. I’m seeing this as a way to reward the rest of sites related to our particular field as this all remains a hobby which at times can be costly.

In this page, I would like to draw attention to the hair and hairstyles of a proto-typical male pagan, with most focus on men’s long hair, which is a symbol itself in the pagan circle and I like to believe is central to the development of our study. Being myself a male, I’d like to cover men’s hair and how it relates to paganism as well as how long hair has been an natural trait of the occult throughout the centuries.

Satan with short hair and Jesus with long hair arm wrestling.

Men’s hairstyles throughout history

Men’s hair has been a very precious trait that has signalled both power and health through times. To be able to grow long healthy hair, one must have great health to sustain the metabolic cost of long hair as well as have the social status to look after it, this meaning that long hair in men has been a desired trait for much of human history except for, perhaps, the last century when short men’s hair was the norm due to the two world wars.

The men’s hairstyles in paganism have been long with a particular emphasis on the locks dangling. In medieval Europe, long hair in men was regarded as a trait only for the intellectuals and warriors, with the intellectuals questioning the catholic status quo and thus the correlation between men’s long hair and the pagans.

Long hair in men and the occult

Because long hair can cover the face and shoulders, long hair in men has been regarded as a physical asset to hide one’s true identity, which, again, goes back to the mysterious ways of paganism and men’s long hair. In fact, it is my belief that in the 20th century, the prevalence of short men’s hair was due to the need to organise huge groups of men to fight in wars such as the First and Second World War as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars. Short hair for men was adopted by the military in what was termed “military haircuts”: haircuts that emphasised extreme shortness so as to optimise the fighting in the battle field (short hair would not disturb the eyesight of soldiers unlike long hair).

It has been since the last 100 years or so since the First World War that men have lost their long hair awareness, if we could call it as such, except for a short time frame in the late 1960s and early 1970s when a long hair movement was started by the hippie sub culture. In a way, the hippie movement was related to paganism in terms of questioning the status quo and the social rules that have been imposed for centuries. Unfortunately, the hippie movement faded away by the mid 1970s and so did the desire of having long hair by men worldwide.

As I’ve said, long hair, especially in men, symbolises health and a social status that is unlike any other achieved by any of the many men’s hairstyles. Because paganism has been based around the deep study of the pre-Abrahamic religions and traditions, men’s long hair has come to play a role in the development of men and our socialising long before the main religions started socially imposing by means of scaremongering.

The satanic symbol associated with pagans and men's long hair.

My long hair story

Personally, I have been growing my hair long for over 15 years, which is about the same time frame in which I have deviated from common thinking and started to come up with my own principles and ideas based around the study of paganism and the occult.

I hope in this post I have been able to bring forward in a way what my thinking is around the concept of men’s long hair in paganism. Being myself a long hair male and a pagan, I feel like my hair has played a decisive role in my development of religious beliefs outside of contemporary thinking. My long hair, usually styled loose although sometimes in a ponytail hairstyle, has grown in me (no pun intended!) and I have come to appreciate long hair as it represents my freedom and breaking free from the sheepish mentality of our modern human peers.

Despite my 15 years growing my hair, I’m still learning about long hair and men’s hair care so I can only share this personal hobby of mine in this site, which I would like to develop eventually. I have posted some links to the website Men’s Hair blog which I believe is owned by a long hair guy too, there’s some good advice there. I encourage the interaction with other fellow pagan peers so feel free to contact me, even if it is to talk about men’s long hair! 😀


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